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Small Business

Businesses exist ONLY because people want them to




We help you focus your time, effort, and energy on the four most  important relationship groups; customers, employees, suppliers, and lenders. 



Does your current business model focus squarely on the actual needs of your customers?

Is your company attractive to your customers? What is your customer's perception of your business or product? Do they like you? Do they trust you? Do you add significant value to their lives? Are you the first and only choice for your customer?





Do you attract, train, and develop the best employees available?

 Is your company attractive to current and prospective employees? Are you the first and only choice for your customer? Is your best business asset, in the eyes of your customer, your convenience? Does your customer send you referrals? If no, why not? How often are you really talking to your customers?




Are you partnered with the best suppliers in your industry?

Is your company attractive to vendors and suppliers? Are your buyer-supplier relationships optimized to deliver both economies of scale and scope? Do your supplier relationships provide you with a reduction of risk and uncertainty? Which resources are you acquiring from your partners? Which key activities do your partners perform which, in turn, make your business the best choice for your customer base?




How can financing build, strengthen, and expand your business?

Is your company attractive to investors and lenders? What is your investment readiness level? Does your operations, management, and culture support growth and expansion? Will more cash create new management challenges or  business opportunities?