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Why we exist - to provide tools, resources, and capital to entrepreneurs from non-traditional backgrounds

What we believe - Entrepreneurship is a great first career option and an excellent career pivot

How we Support - educate and prepare start-up founders, infuse seed capital, provide scholarship funds to both student entrepreneurs and existing business operators, and invest in niche market local businesses

Where we invest- enterprises founded by women, aspiring  first-time entrepreneurs, small business owners, teen entrepreneurs, and college students considering entrepreneurship as a viable career option


Our Campaigns

School Daze monthly weekend college workshop for black college bound students

Brown Bag Power Lunch semi-monthly subscription supported career building conference call

Money & Marriage semi-monthly weekend finance bootcamp for couples

Vertex Money University monthly 12 hour weekend workshop designed to maximize wages, eliminate consumer debt, and position working folks for active and passive investments

Vertex Crowdfunded VC global community investment in projects, events, and assets for the greater (good) and public trust

NorthStar Scholarship Fund events, projects, and ongoing activities to seed scholarships for N.I.C.E. startup founders and enterprises

Everyday Beautiful licensed lifestyle dry-goods and brands designed by our community of fine artists to celebrate the unapologetic self-expression of the global majority  

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Start-up Support

NorthStar International Center for Entrepreneurs (N.I.C.E.)  full-service resource and training facility for start-ups and small businesses. Complete with classrooms, conference center, media lab, and A/V studio. On-site staff include; tax, accounting, marketing, copy and legal professionals.

NorthStar Start-UP 10 week course for non-traditional founding teams of 5 to pursue an idea, build a testable hypothesis, prepare a pitch, compete for seed capital, and launch a scalable start-up

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Asset Portfolio

Vertex FinTech investments in financial focused tech apps and enterprises

Carver GreenTech investments in green technologies and enterprises delivering household cost-saving solutions

HotLunch Design Agency full-service end-to-end lifestyle design agency that merchandises original artist designs into luxury and museum quality dry goods

Vertex Real Estate Holding Co residential and multi-family real estate investments focused on undervalued and non-performing assets in targeted communities and neighborhoods

Vertex Private Business & Investment Bank private lending and equity investments for targeted small businesses

Green SoulFood innovative food growing technologies and healthy food sourcing for communities classified as "food deserts"

Garvey Travel & Urban Tourism international travel and tourism for non-traditional American travelers

NorthStar Trading Post international import/export dealer

Third Plane [3P] investment in cannabis technologies, enterprises, industry supplies, and medical innovation



Small Business Resources

Vertex U tools, resources, and networking for small business owners and their leadership teams. 

Vertex Investment Capital 4 Entrepreneurs capital and equity investment for inventory, business model restructuring, expansion, and acquisitions supporting niche local businesses with non-traditional founders

Vertex VC leveraged equity investment for tech startup ventures

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NorthStar International Center for Entrepreneurs

be audacious, be authentic, be purposefully creative, be yourself...we've been waiting


As far as we can tell, you have one opportunity to be who you were created to be, to speak in your native tongue, about that which tickles your soul and keeps us talking about you... why shouldn't you gift it to your fans and foes, alike?

Do art, live life, and love without conditions

— Hashim Malik-Bey

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