tools resources and capital for non-traditional entrepreneurs
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Does your business need money, advice, or sales & marketing support?




Ingenuity. Creativity. Focus. Pragmatism.  

Who are the four most importance groups of people in the universe of any business?
1. the people who work for it
2. the people who buy from it
3. the people who sell to it
4. the people who lend to it
— Michael E. Gerber

Do you own a struggling/faltering small business?

Do you have an idea for a great product/service or company?


WHAT we DO:  develop, support, and fund start-up and small businesses

HOW we Support:  prepare start-up founders, infuse seed capital, and provide  ongoing management and leadership training

WHO we Prepare: aspiring  first-time entrepreneurs, small business owners, and students curious about entrepreneurship as a first choice career option

WHERE we Focus: in the  continental US, Caribbean islands states, Europe, North and West Africa

WHY we Exist: we believe "ZIP Code Entrepreneurship" provides a sustainable global solution to isolated communities  and  individuals with limited access to capital, credit, and professional development


1. We host a full service learning platform (Vertex U) to support rigorous ongoing entrepreneurial education

2. We operate a scholarship fund for start-up enterprises

3. We maintain a portfolio of income producing assets that support startup and small business client operations. These assets include; a marketing and merchandising agency, media platform, retail distribution, international trading post, and commerical real estate holdings. 

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