tools resources and capital for non-traditional entrepreneurs


you have a business only when you have paying customers
— Greg Gianforte

what do we do?

We help business owners

1. find and evangelize their customers

2. hire, train, and develop inspired and engaged employees

3. source  aligned suppliers, vendors, partners, and contractors

4. position their businesses to attract exceptional investors and lenders

how is it done?

1. Diagnosis: (identify) the health of your business based on; revenue, expenses, value proposition, sales/distribution channels, resources, partners, customers, customer relationships, and key business activities

2. Prognosis: (forecast)  the conditions needed to achieve operational  sustainability and scalability

3. Cure: (strategic action) includes bootstrapping expenses, preserving cash, relieving stagnant cash-flow, retaining and growing  customer base, and strengthening all possible revenue streams


Vertex Equity Partners’ investment philosophy is to create exceptional (shareholder) value by relentless focus on which actions, behaviors, and organizational culture attracts and retains customers, employees,  suppliers, and investors.