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Founder and managing partner Hashim Malik-Bey has always had an interest in entrepreneurship. Starting his first enterprise as a teenager. He made t-shirts with social-political images and slogans by creating silkscreens from his original drawings. He was a first mover providing merchandise for rap artists during the first generation of touring acts. This enterprise developed into a full-scale operation seeing its first brick and mortar business on Venice Beach, California.

After college he was recruited by Bell Labs as a system engineer responsible for (real-time) troubleshooting and equipment integration for national accounts. This experience opened an opportunity work with an exploding start-up responsible creating for VOIP (voice over internet protocol), what is now commonly known as internet telephone, as a switch engineer and circuit designer Hashim learned the power of process design, process improvement, and risk analysis.

At the implosion of the “” era his firm held weekly ‘pink-slip’ Fridays curtailing company headcount from nearly four thousand to just under 350 before being acquired by Level 3. “Late one Friday afternoon, the department VP called my office line and offered me a position, as a financial analyst, in lieu of a pink-slip, he allowed me ten minutes to decide!” says, Hashim laughing about how this changed his life purpose!

For the next two and half years he worked as a senior line-cost analyst providing oversight concerning monthly cost expenditures with a focus on uncovering waste and curtailing scheduled infrastructure payments. Managing expenditures during an active company bankruptcy provided him the needed perspective on budget, cost controls, process and procedural improvements necessary when strapped for credit and cash.

Hashim joined Fannie Mae’s credit and risk management team to continue work as a credit and risk analyst with a specific focus on contract enforcement. His team managed $4 billion in mortgage backed or invested assets, monthly. When appropriate he would direct general counsel to sue, curtail, or enforce specific performance from the largest institutional mortgage lenders including a $8 billion cash settlement from Bank of America, the largest in US history.  

Hashim specializes in business model development for both start-ups and existing enterprises. He trains staff and leadership to seek and find additional revenue streams while building processes to streamline cost. He identifies the key activities, relationships, resources, and sales channels to support operations.  


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“Scarity, in business, creates value. What rare talent or gift do you bring into the deal? Everything else is a scheduled commodity!”

“Scarity, in business, creates value. What rare talent or gift do you bring into the deal? Everything else is a scheduled commodity!”

Managing Partner

Hashim Malik-Bey

From working as a senior analyst in the investment banking, mortgage servicing, and telecom industries Hashim co-authored enterprise database systems, engineered process improvement for legacy data infrastructure, and published industry policy and procedures. This experience provided a roadmap for how start-ups and existing businesses should measure and manage operations. Hashim adopted the Business Model Canvas as a consulting and execution methodology. He provides a thorough analysis of your value proposition, revenue streams, and cost structure. He teaches clients customer discovery as an operational strategy, restructures or builds processes to stabilize cash-flow, and provides structured in-house management and on-going consultation, when needed.



Cal State Long Beach

Djagora University
Ph.D Entrepreneurship (candidate 2020)

Activities & Affiliations

• Director of Entrepreneurship, API (private high school), Dallas, Texas
• Business Developer, API (leadership, staff, and faculty development)
• Director South Dallas Scholarship Center

Managed Projects

  • North Texas Media Group

  • Bulldog Catering

  • API Small Business Resource Center

  • Shaanti’s Beauty Academy

Super Powers


Super Powers  -  Nicest guy in the galaxy, he has no known enemies and he makes the best hand-crafted street tacos you’ve ever tasted!

Super Powers - Nicest guy in the galaxy, he has no known enemies and he makes the best hand-crafted street tacos you’ve ever tasted!

associate consultant

Idrees Muhammad

Idrees focuses on the various facets of accounting and finance that plague small businesses and professionals, whether that’s setting up efficient payroll systems and general ledger procedures or cleaning up the books for tax season. Idrees has worked with non-profits, small businesses, and interned with international firms to sharpen his perspective on internal and growth cash-flow.



Alcorn State University
B.S. Accounting, 2017

Shanghai Finance University International Finance, 2016

Activities & Affiliations

  • Member, IMSO

  • Member, NABA

Managed Projects

  • Organigrow Inc

  • Garvey Travel & Tourism


Luckson Abrams Headshot 2019.jpg

associate consultant

Luckson Abraham

Over the years, financial advisors have been seeing a growing trend of these athletes being prone to investing money in tangible, illiquid vehicles such as restaurants, real estate or commercial enterprises like bowling alleys or car washes. Of the 2,000+ NBA and NFL athletes, very few practice generating generational wealth. However, the ones that do become successful entrepreneurs. Starting businesses not only creates a big impact for the athlete and his family, but also for their community as they create jobs and increase the number of minority owned businesses.



Saint Leo University
B.A. Marketing

West Texas A&M University M.S. Finance & Economics, 2019

Activities & Affiliations

Professional Athlete Investment licenses

Managed Projects

• Goldneur

Super Powers